23 June 2024

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About Fund Platform

The Fund Platform is a powerful online tool, which provides access to funds from a number of leading fund houses.

The platform addresses your diverse investment needs and offers you access to more than 5,000 of some of the world’s best performing mutual funds, giving you ownership of your investment decisions.

Information available on the platform is truly independent and provided by Morningstar, one of the world’s leaders in financial information. It enables clients to access a variety of sophisticated tools, making it easier for them to plan a secure financial future.

Why Morningstar?

Morningstar is established as a global leading independent investment research provider. With operations in 18 countries, Morningstar currently tracks more than 260,000 worldwide investment vehicles every day.

  • 5,2 million individual customers worldwide
  • 1,700 institutions worldwide
  • Recently acquired by S&P’s funds data business. S&P’s fund data business consists of data and products covering more than 135,000 managed investment vehicles, including mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, hedge funds, offshore funds

Morningstar provides the Fund Platform with a daily data feed supplying more than 2 million pieces of data for our fund range.

Highly credible platform based in Luxembourg

Moventum, a Luxembourg based company, provides the service and system allowing members to buy and sell investment funds in safe custody (back office). Provision of a custodian account from the Bank of Luxembourg (BdL) provides Moventum the functionality to accept investment monies. Both Moventum and BdL are legally regulated entities. The origins of the BdL go back as far as 1920 and its history is closely linked with the rise and development of Luxembourg as a financial centre.

Having a presence in Luxembourg provides you with a high level of security:

  • Established present in a private banking centre
  • Top investment fund centre
  • Client confidentiality
  • Leading centre for offshore mutual fund distribution in Europe

Product range

Our product range consists of over 5,000 offshore mutual funds from 200 global fund houses. All clients receive an omnibus cash account which can hold USD, GBP, CHF and SGD. Investment holdings are always held in the customer’s name in a custodian account.

We work with leading banks and insurance providers such as Deutsche Bank, Nomura and RBS to develop investment products that are exclusive to our clients.

Major fund houses represented by the platform

Aberdeen Global Services S.A.
AXA Investment Managers Deutschland GmbH
AXA Investment Managers Paris
AXA Investment Managers S.A.
AXA Rosenberg Management Ireland Ltd
Blackrock (Luxembourg) S.A.
BNP Paribas
Deutsche Bank
Dexia Asset Management
Eaton Vance Mgmt (International) Ltd
Fidelity (FIL (Luxembourg) S.A.)
First State Investments (UK) Ltd
Henderson Global Investors Ltd.
Invesco Global Asset Management Limited
Investec Asset Management Luxembourg
Investec Fund Mgrs (UK) Ltd
M&G Group
Merrill Lynch
Morgan Stanley Investment Funds
Pictet Funds (Europe) S.A.
Putnam Investments (Ireland) Limited
Schroders plc
Societe Generale Asset Management
Thames River Capital LLP
UBS (Lux) Structured Sicav
UBS Fund Management (Switzerland) AG
UBS Fund Management Company S.A.
UBS Global Asset Management GmbH