23 June 2024

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About Us

About deVere Group

As an independent financial consultancy with a truly global presence, deVere Group prides itself in offering clients a world-class and results-driven service.

deVere Group was established in 2002 by CEO Nigel Green. As more and more people focused on opportunities abroad, Green saw a niche in the financial services market for them. Today, deVere Group has developed to become one of the world's leading independent international financial consultancy. With well over 80,000 clients in more than 100 different countries - and in excess of $10 billion under advice and administration - deVere Group aims to maintain its place at the forefront of the industry.

deVere Group's definitive aim is to support our clients in creating, growing and safeguarding their wealth. We want to join you on your journey and make your dreams come true.

What distances us from our competitors is our dedication to our team. As a powerful network of seasoned professionals, they are the backbone of deVere Group, allowing us to provide nothing short of the high-quality, and dependable financial advice that we have become renowned for.

Each client works with their own financial adviser. Together, they will develop, implement and manage a made-to-measure financial strategy that is fully in-line with the client's situation, needs and plans for the future.

Over the years, deVere Group has aspired to grow and ripen hand-in-hand with its clients. As a result, we have developed and grown our global presence considerably in order to best serve our clients, wherever they choose to call home in the world.

From FATCA, Retirement planning to Education planning and more, deVere Group offer an array of financial solutions to our clients which include international investors, expatriates and other globally-minded individuals.

By working with deVere Group, you will have peace of mind that your financial portfolio is in safe, proficient hands that know what it takes to secure, maximise and cultivate your wealth.


About Morningstar

Morningstar is established as a global leading independent investment research provider. With operations in 16 countries, Morningstar currently tracks more than 100,000 worldwide investment vehicles every day.


About Moventum

As a vendor of financial services to multiple organizations, MOVENTUM creates economies of scale in its back office functions, provides multiple product client statements (including country specific tax statements) and supports Internet-based communications for the following front office functions:

  • Office automation that reduces paper flows, organizes client information, provides instant access to market information and enables financial consultants to provide customers with a higher level of service.
  • Online trading enables the client to place mutual fund trades, to complete all forms, receive trade executions, have orders and accounts screened for regulatory compliance and receive trade confirmations from their desktop or laptop computer.
  • Client account information is updated daily and available online in a variety of reporting formats including account internet viewing for customers.
  • Extensive product lists of mutual funds offered by multiple product providers.
  • On May 10, 2000, MOVENTUM S.C.A. (hereafter " MOVENTUM ") was incorporated as a Luxembourg company. The current shareholders are Global Portfolio Advisors Ltd (hereafter "GPA") and Banque de Luxembourg (hereafter "BdL").
  • Corporate Brochure
  • Moventum Fact Sheet