19 July 2024

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Control your Investments

Why should you invest through the deVere Fund Platform?

The deVere Group online trading platform has been set up specifically with the busy expat in mind. We understand that once you have made the move abroad, you will be very busy; learning a new language, understanding a new culture or further travelling. Our mission is to provide a way of investing easily and tax-efficiently, with an interactive online investment platform that provides our clients with access to more than 5,000 investments funds and gives the individual the ability to trade in over 50 global markets, 24 hours a day - with a choice of currencies, from anywhere in the world wherever you have internet access.

You do not have to be a millionaire or a financial wizard to utilise the deVere Group Fund Platform: it is simple to understand and user friendly. In order to reach your financial goals, you have access to award-winning fund managers and funds, and you have the ability to attain diversification with low minimum investments. Unbiased, up-to-date fund information and fact sheets are provided by Morning Star, a provider of fully independent investment research. The detailed market data given is also clear and concise.

Simple and transparent with low cost account fees, your deVere Fund Platform account is easy to monitor and you will be kept up-to-date with real time information on available cash and current fund prices and performance. You can also set up investment alerts by means of the tracker tool, using your own specified parameters. This will track your chosen investments daily and generate the requested alerts. You also have the facility to set up a comparison table. This will give you the opportunity to compare funds using your personally selected filters.

Statements are provided by email in each calendar month.

The simplicity of investing in the markets online means that you will have more time for enjoying living abroad and the facility to reach your future financial goals.

The deVere Fund Platform is simple to set up, simple to manage and simple to maintain: access your investments at the click of a button. In essence, you are in control.